Hi guys,

I tried to create a cheaper NAS server that has/can be used for:

NAS cloud storage

Remote SSH control via the Android SSH server

NAS Samba Server for sharing on Windows networks

NAS torrenting client via the Android tTorrent client

Network media player using the Android MXPlayer application

Netflix, YouTube, etc

It costed me about 180$ (3-4 years ago) and it's been working 24/7 without a glitch.

I hooked up an Android box to a WiFi router and an external USB HDD

Here's the full article: http://www.coding-dude.com/wp/mobile-apps/howto-transform-android-to-nas-drive/

(I hope I'm allowed to post links here)

Let me know what you think, what can I improve

I'm sure a lot of you will laugh at my project, but I can take it