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  1. Hello. My goal is to create a title frame that fades in 20 seconds and fades out 20 seconds before I insert the actual clip. This is my script so far:

    BlankClip(length=240, width=640, height=480, pixel_type="RGB32", fps=24, fps_denominator=1, audio_rate=44100, channels=1, sample_type="16bit", color=$000000)
    Subtitle("Name of Person: A Story about Something", font="Arial", size=30, align=5)
    Can someone help me tweak this script to match what I'm trying to accomplish?

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    Apply FadeIO.
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  3. If your title clip is only 10 seconds long to begin with, how do you expect to fadein and fadeout for 20 seconds each? You should lengthen it by quite a bit. And who wants to look at a title screen for 50 seconds or however long you intend to make it. Maybe fade in and out for about 2 seconds each and keep the original 10 second length.


    If you expect to be able to join it with another video, you'd best change the colorspace at some point. Are you sure it matches the attributes of the other video? The framerate, for example? And the single channel silent audio? Everything has to match or you can't join.
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