Looking at getting at least 120 fps recording, for slow motion - minimum at 1080p.
But also flexibility like single frame for animations as well as interval stuff for time lapse.

My DSLR's do time lapse within reason, so I could live without that in camcorder - but animation as some have 2,6 or 12 frames each shot is mandatory. This making it into a video - not single photos - which takes time to mount and look at a sequence if good or not.

I looked at a dozen Canon by now, and strangely enough these features are on cheaper models and not if you cash up for higher end model
Look at Canon C300 and such, $10,000 cameras, and all you get is 100p slow motion and none of the rest. I simply don't get the design choices on the models they release. You have to revert to $2000 cameras to get it all?

So thinking also Sony or Panasonic or whatever.