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  1. Whenever I go to github to find a simple DLL, it's a nearly impossible task. I open the file, which contains a bunch of other folders, which contain a bunch of other's like a Russian matroska doll. Can someone please explain the steps on how to do this without it turning into an assignment from Chief Quimby?
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  2. masktools 2 or example:

    Starting from the AviSynth wiki page:

    [Attachment 49270 - Click to enlarge]

    Select the highlighted masktools2 2.2.18 link takes you to:

    Scroll to the bottom of the 2.2.18 section, the Assets section:

    [Attachment 49271 - Click to enlarge]

    Click on the highlighted 7z link to download the archive. Once downloaded, open it in an archive program like 7-zip:

    [Attachment 49272 - Click to enlarge]

    Open the folder you want. For example for 32 bit AviSynth but not on Windows XP, navigate into the x86 folder:

    [Attachment 49273 - Click to enlarge]

    Extract masktools2.dll to where you want.
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