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  1. took a video with my smartphone and for some reason the recorded video keeps switching back and forth between aspects .
    is there any software / process that can change this to a uniform aspect ?
    thanks for your time .
    here's a portion -
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    It may be better to upload that extract direct to here (as an attachment)

    But to basically answer your Q. If the pertinent live video does not change(height of subject is un-altered) then crop the lines that 'wander'

    If the height of the subject does alter then there is little or nothing you can do. (Others can, and probably will, disagree)

    But do record another video with the suspect settings. If that also misbehaves then consider returning the smartphone.
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  3. It's possible AviSynth with some manual intervention (sample attached):

    LWLibavVideoSource("My Movie.mkv") 
    v2 = Spline36Resize(width,height,0,15,-0,-16) # reframed, resized version of video
    ReplaceFramesSimple(last, v2, mappings="27 [34 69] [100 102] [110 124] [196 230] [302 331] [337 435]") # replace bad sections with v2
    It may be possible to automate the process with this particular clip by using the bouncing EXIT sign to determine which frames need replacing.
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    Were you changing the orientation of your phone while you recorded?
    That will makes things infinitely more difficult.

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