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  1. help initialising ssd via usb 3.0 enclosure

    i bought a 120 gb ssd with usb 3.0 enclosure today. i was told to use gparted on ubuntu initialize the ssd. got home plugged it in an ran gparted. i then created a partition table. by default ms-dos was the option that was given. i then formatted the drive to fat32 . ubuntu picked it uo and it worked.

    problem: i cannot get ffmpeg to work on it after i open the drive in terminal. blender accesses it no problem reading writing to it no problem. i used sudo still no luck with ffmpeg. i then went to properties to try and change permissions of the ssd in the enclosure but it wouldnt stay that way after changing it it just reverted back to what it was.

    is this because i should have changed the file partition system to something else other than ms-dos?

    anyways later in the day i used a usb startup disk creator to install ubuntu 18.10 64 bit to the ssd while in the enclosure and it runs fine - ffmpeg and blender works.

    i am just curious as to why it wouldn't allow me to change permissions so that ffmpeg could work in terminal on it while blender ran ok?

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    i don't know why some programs under linux wouldn't access it, but i'd never format any drive fat32 these days anyway. the 4 gb file limit makes it useless. exFAT is newer and ok but still not ideal for an internal drive.
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    Possibly it has something to do with the mount options of the usb ssd, although i'm not sure.

    I agree with aedipuss that fat32 is not a very good option. If you only use it on Linux use ext4 if not use ntfs
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  4. ok thanks has used ntfs and seems ok
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