Hi all,
I have a problem with Subtitle Edit 3.5.9 (problem appears also in older versions): in some movies generated waveform is not complete - it lacks last 30-50 seconds. The video preview works all right, it's complete, only waveform is trimmed at the end. The problem seems to be completely random - I usually create subtitles to 3-4min movies and in some of them waveform is trimmed, in others, that are identical (always Full HD, 25 FPS, H.264), the waveform is broken. I tried another PCs and it is the same - in some movies, with no reason, waveform won't appear complete.
Btw Aegisub always generates waveform properly in the same movies. However SE is much better for me, is there any way to overcome this problem?
Thank you in advance.