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  1. Looking for advice and guidance. I am currently editing and creating Blu-ray iso files using PowerDirector, and burning those images to bd-r via burnaware. Looking for a simpler way, as the disks being created aren't playing well, which has caused me to reassess my entire process. The only video work I do is filming dance recitals to create disks for other parents. Here's my process if it helps give advice.

    1. Record 1080/60p AVCHD on a Panasonic camcorder. No panning, zooming, or altering. I manually set focus/shutter/gain, and let it run the length of the show.

    2. Add the AVCHD files to PowerDirector project. Editing is minimal and solely consists of trimming unnecessary time between dances, and adding a title screen and chapters between dances.

    3. Create a menu to have a basic main screen, and buttons to select a particular dance in the root menu.

    4. Create an iso file via PowerDirector from the project.

    5. Use burnaware to put the iso on to disk.

    For some reason the bd-r disks I'm making won't play in any player (played perfectly fine previously), but the DVDs I create with the same process work fine. Any thoughts?
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  2. 1080p60 is not Blu-ray compliant. Is it being converted to 720p60 or 1080i30?
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  3. I exported to 1080/60i in final production, which has always worked in the past. PowerDirector is not providing an option for 1080/30 anything.
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  4. 1080i30 and 1080i60 are the same thing. 30 interlaced frames per second, each frame containing two fields, played separately and sequentially at 60 fields per second. Marketing just "upgraded" the terminology to make it sound better.

    Do your discs play on the computer? Do they have the usual blu-ray structure?
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    Also stop using burnaware and instead use ImgBurn.

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  6. Re-create your Blu ray ISO files without any editing to have a try? Personally, you can't make sure if it's caused by the trimming or menu added.
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