I'm posting this in a couple of places in hopes I can get some help...

I just noticed something last night. I was attempting to watch Terminator 2, which has DTS sound. Fine. I like it. But I noticed that my receiver was showing Dolby Digital on the display. I checked another movie, Gremlins 2, and this time, the receiver showed DTS. I checked ANOTHER movie, Jurassic Park, which is also DTS. This time, the display showed Dolby Digital.

I couldn't figure it out. I went into my player's settings and found the HD audio modes. I have always had it set to Mix Audio Output...which has seemed to work fine for the 11 years I've had the player. Trying to figure this stuff out, I changed the setting to HD Audio Output. NOW when I play a movie, the display shows whatever the audio is...dolby or dts.

I found a manual for the player and it says that mix audio output play interactive and secondary audio if available. I did some searching and I think I understand that to mean stuff like menu button sounds. Is that so ? The manual said that it also includes director's commentaries. Does this mean that if I keep it on hd audio output, commentaries won't play ?

When I played the dts movies on my ps3, the display showed DTS like it's supposed to.