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  1. Hi All,

    Looking for some guidance. I'm trying to convert a 3D Blu Ray to SBS or similar using BD3D2MK3D, but running into an issue.
    Everything looks like it's running fine, but the output, after a certain point is just a blank green screen. Audio still plays, and the point at which it turns green seems to be different every time.

    I suspect that something is failing during the conversion and then the remuxing at the end still works, but is muxing the full audio track to a truncated video track. I say this because it seems like the conversion step finishes suddenly despite saying there is still a lot of time left the last time I looked. I can't be certain though, because it hasn't happened while I was watching.

    I've tried several times now, and even freshly ripped the disc 3/4 times. The ripped MKV plays fine in VLC.

    I have un- and re-installed AVI Synth 2.60, but it made no difference.

    Any thoughts?

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  2. I have never seen this green screen problem, but x264 is well known to fail when the computer goes to sleep, or even when it is simply too busy doing other things. So, try to relaunch the encoding, but be sure to launch __ENCODE_3D_LAUNCHER.cmd and not directly __ENCODE_3D.cmd. (The launcher disables the possibility to go to sleep during the encoding.) Then leave the computer quiet up to the end of the encoding.

    The problem can also be caused by other things. Try to change the settings, especially the MVC Decoder and its the Hardware Acceleration, and retry the whole procedure.

    Please let me know if one of these suggestions has solved the problem.
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    - BD3D2MK3D A tool to convert 3D BD to 3D SBS/T&B/FS MKV
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  3. Disabling hardware acceleration seems to do the trick - I've successfully converted two movies like this without issue. Thanks!
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  4. Thanks for the confirmation.

    BTW, another way to fix the issue could be to update your Intel CPU drivers. When the hardware acceleration is enabled, BD3D2MK3D uses the MVC decoder provided with your drivers, and perhaps it is outdated. Try that, although the benefit of the hardware acceleration is not major.
    r0lZ - PgcEdit homepage Hosted by VideoHelp (Thanks Baldrick)
    - BD3D2MK3D A tool to convert 3D BD to 3D SBS/T&B/FS MKV
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