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    Hello, good day.

    I'm looking for a PAL/NTSC DVD recorder that can be used as a TBC passthrug. I've read from some of the users here that Panasonic DMR-ES10/ES15, But where I live I did not find any site that sells any of those two models and the international purchase by ebay would mean for me to invest more money than I thought.

    In my location I can get a Panasonic Dmr-ex83 (DMR-EX83EG-K), you say it will work? I can also get to get a Sony RDR-GX350. Do you think one of the two can work as tbc?

    Pioneer, Philips and LG recorders seems to be the most common brands around here where I live. Can any of them be used as TBC pass-thru. Anyone with any experience?

    I have read several publications of the forum, but they have not been able to solve my specific doubt, that is why I make this publication.

    Any information provided will be appreciated.

    Greetings and thanks.
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  2. Tell us your country and maybe some there can help. India?
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