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  1. I installed avstodvd.
    Set disc size to DVD-5(4.7GB).
    Output: ISO UDF Image

    Quick start is set to:

    Hcenc VBR 2-pass
    Keep MPEG2 DVD Compliant Video: checked Audio: Checked
    Show advanced project settings: checked
    __________________________________________________ ______________________________

    Source Info
    AVC 565 kbps 720X480 DAR 16:9 23.976 fps (CFR) Progressive 1:04:33 hours 92849 frames
    AC3+ 224 kbps CBR 2 ch 4800 Hz 1:04:33 hours (7ms delay EN Default Internal

    __________________________________________________ ___________________________________
    Source file size is 374MB.
    Free Space is 5.92GB.
    Output size is 4094MB.

    When I click start I get:
    Non enough free space in Output Hard Drive (needed 8188 MB)!"


    Thank You
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    There is a thread in the forum dedicated to this software but I would have a guess that the program needs 4094MB to write the initial dvd folders plus a further 4094MD to write those folders to the ISO. Hence the initial double space. Once the ISO is written then the folders would be deleted.

    But many softwares baulk when you have little free HDD space since most require temporary working space.
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    AVStoDVD ?
    It first creates the the m2v output file (~ 4GB) then it uses this as input to the authoring stage
    to create the final mpg/iso/video_ts folder. SO it needs the size of the DVD x 2.

    You can go into preferences paths/and use a second hard drive if you have it available
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    source file size can't be 374kb. i'd guess it's 2GB from the source info. that appears to be one problem. and your hard drive it too small/full. buy another and install it or use an attached usb3 drive(not usb2).
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