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  1. This stopped working a couple of weeks ago. Anything new on this subject or any way to get it working again?
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    try updating firefox. they had a version that accidentally killed lots of add-ons. the latest version got them back working. if that doesn't help, you'll have to wait until the developer releases a new version that works with the current firefox.
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  3. I did update Firefox, but when I try to find Flash Video Downloader, it says "Oops! We canít find that page".
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  4. jastavoss, is that your real email address? I would advise you not to do that as you will get spammed. Also how are you looking for that add-on? Did you go to Tools>>Add-ons>>Extensions? Just for your info the latest Flash extensions don't seem to be loading into Firefox for some reason. (at least on my system) Maybe the script killing older release of Firefox did that. The new release fixed most of the problems but not for Flash.
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