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  1. Hi,

    I intend to buy a new Dell XPS 13 9380 (2019), and have the choice between i5-8265u with 8GB RAM and i7-8565u with both 8 and 16GB models.

    Since all only have Intel HD 620 graphics, is it still worth it to get the more expensive 16GB model for video editing or will the processor and graphics be the bottleneck? What real life benifits will I really see or am I just wasting money? I edit mostly 1080p files.

    Thanks in advance for all good feedback.
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    For anything that has to do with greater than average computation, such as graphics, video, or 3d...

    The answer is YES.

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    8GB vs 16GB is pretty much deciding on if you need to close everything else down while editing or being allowed to have up web browsers and other stuff. You should be able to edit 1080p just fine on 8GB assuming it's the only thing running. That Intel HD 620 graphics is going to hold you back but to be expected on a Laptop. Adobe PP and Adobe AE are mostly CPU focused while Resolve is more GPU focused.
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