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  1. Hello again! It's been a very long time since I've enjoyed this hobby and my binder of Videohelp notes from the hundreds of hours spent learning video has probably aged out (is AVISynth still a thing?), so I'm back asking for some help. I hope this is the right forum.

    I was using Canon Vixia HV40 for some time, and (despite failing to recognize the HDV capability), I fear that firewire will not be a viable transfer mechanism as time marches forward, thus stranding the old and any new Mini DV tapes. I just bought a Sony FDR-AX53, and now have to learn the new formats (XAVCS 4K/HD), AVCHD, MP4 containers, etc.

    Up till now I've been using Vegas 7, but discovered that it will not load these new formats fro editing.

    1. Any good resource regarding when to use the 4K, HD, AVCHD?

    2. I'd like to stick with Vegas if possible, so which newer version is capable of editing these formats?

    3. Any other considerations?

    Thanks again!
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    You have an HV40 and didn't know it shot HD? Yikes. It's 1440 but the Canon lens and whatever else is in there makes for really beautiful video, almost filmish. As for editing software, I'm a Cyberlink guy, my brief stint with Vegas was just too confusing.
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