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  1. Hello, I've attached a sample video. There's still a problem. Despite adding FineDehalo and ChromaShiftSP filters, the edge artifact still exists on the left. I've also posted cropped and resized form. Thanks. Image
    [Attachment 49606 - Click to enlarge]
    [Attachment 49607 - Click to enlarge]
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  2. The problem is that the settings I gave you were for a 1920x1080 video -- the size of the images you uploaded. Your source video is 720x480 -- the smaller frames requires smaller adjustments:

    FineDehalo(rx=1, ry=2.5)
    ChromaShiftSP(x=1.0, y=0.5)
    This is why you were asked for a video sample in the first replies.
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  3. As you look left edge still looks slightly dark. I thought FineDehalo would make the edge as clean as shown on the top edge. Is it just a black border that needs to be cropped? Image
    [Attachment 49609 - Click to enlarge]
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  4. I just found edgefixer filter useful. I don't know why you've recommended me FineDehalo instead of this one. Maybe I need both I suppose.
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  5. I thought the red arrow was pointing at what you wanted to fix. Halos and misaligned colors.
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  6. No, the red arrow is just an official icon of the video. I didn't make it. Anyway, thanks for your help and have a great day.
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  7. Hello, there are some videos that have artifacts on the edge. Mostly, the AviSynth edgefixer solves that problem. However, there are some problems that this filter can't fix such as the dark edge on the left. Is there any way to make it look normal so that I don't have to crop it out? Image
    [Attachment 50159 - Click to enlarge]
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  8. You mean on the right? The dark band to the right of the white player? And above his hand? That's from mishandling the chroma of interlaced video. The problem can also be seen on the leg of the other player. Somewhere in your code you probably have a ConvertToYV12() that should have been ConvertToYV12(interlaced=true).
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  9. Don't be confused with the figures in the picture. Please look at the very edge where the video is cropped. Don't look at the picture. Zoom in and look at the left edge of the screen and you will see a slight darkness. I want to make the left edge as clean as the right edge. Here's the one I'm pointing at. Image
    [Attachment 50160 - Click to enlarge]
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  10. Ah, OK. The chroma is dropping to grey at the left edge of the frame, about 8 columns worth. If that is in your source (ie, not caused by your processing) you can extrapolate the chroma from near the edge out to the edge. Or reflect it. Or just crop away the edge of the frame.
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  11. You could try taking the chroma after using BorderControl. Unfortunately, it's too bright where I am right now and I can't see what I'm doing, but this should work to fix the left side:

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  12. When I'm trying to use BorderControl, it says access code violation. What's the problem here?Image
    [Attachment 50493 - Click to enlarge]

    Video = LWLibavVideoSource("C:\AviSynth Videos\Tekken 4\Raw\Tekken 4 Nina Williams Arcade Walkthrough.m2ts")
    Audio = LWLibavAudioSource("C:\AviSynth Videos\Tekken 4\Raw\Tekken 4 Nina Williams Arcade Walkthrough.m2ts")
    Video = AudioDub(Video, Audio)
    Video = ConvertToYV12(Video)
    Video = Crop(Video, 42, 28, -52, -36)
    Video = FineDehalo(Video, rx=2, ry=2)
    Video = EdgeFixer_ContinuityFixer(Video, left=2, top=0, right=1, bottom=0, radius=2)
    Video = BorderControl(Video, XLS = 8, XLSF= 8)
    Video = MergeChroma(Video, Blur(Video, 1.00))
    Video = yadifmod2(Video, order=1, field=-1, mode=1)
    Video = Rainbow_Smooth(Video, Radius=3)
    Video = TemporalSoften(Video, 3, 4, 8, scenechange=15, mode=2)
    Video = BicubicResize(Video, b=0, c=0.50, 1280, 720)
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