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  1. Hi all
    I'm trying to download videos from the

    All i now:

    The mp4 file can be downloaded (with normal sizes for different qualities. for example 40mb for audio only file), but it only plays 10 secs of the 1 hour stream. seems it is encrypted.

    Manifest file is *.mpd:
    So It uses Mpeg-DASH and Widevine DRM as far as i know.

    and it uses the aderss for getting Keys for decryption or something similar related to Widevine technology.

    the file is not segmentd. it is one part.

    How can I do this ?

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    Need login to decrypt.
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  3. i can help you with login if you want

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    hizlitv-Please do not ask for help on downloading videos from a subscription site,this is against forum rules,this thread is closed.
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