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  1. Hello, so in my endless quest to perfect my VHS capturing, I am now down to using a JVC s7800u S-VHS VCR and a Datavideo TBC-1000. Programs and devices will vary depending on what I am capturing. However my questions are more in regards to the setup.

    I know the setup will be VCR, DV TBC-1000, Capture device, computer. However I presume I should have the TBC in the VCR turned on as well correct?? Additionally I also have Panasonic DVD recorders ES10 and ES15 which I would assume are not needed if Iím using the TBC-1000. However would they still be useful for anything with the setup as well as any other additional equipment I have not mentioned??

    For the last two years all the captures I have made have had occasional frame jumps. Not many. Sometimes 1-3 a recording. But nonetheless Iím trying to get it to where they donít occur anymore and the full footage is captured as much as it can be. This seems to be the final possible solution to this but given my attempts the last two years Iím trying not to be overly optimistic.

    Anyways thoughts??
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    Use the TBC in the VCR unless it makes the picture worse, which has happened to me with really ratty tapes. Then try using the Panasonic instead. The Datavideo is good for vertical instability if Panasonic doesn't handle it and I think it can also get around Macrovision. In all cases, don't use more processing than you need. If I had to choose between three dropped frames and a slightly clearer picture for the duration of a whole tape, I would take the latter.
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  3. Thank you for the response. I will try that and yes I agree. I'm actually at a point where I may as well accept the jumps because again they're not big and happen very seldomly and also the captures I've been able to come up with look good and stable anyways. And yeah dont want a really big chain of stuff of running either. IMO the signal actually looks better when passed through the DVD Recorder but the Datavideo isnt that bad either. Anyways thanks for the tips.
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