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  1. I have a .ts file I am trying to convert to Muxed MP2 file. No sync problems playing in Windows Media Player or VLC. I accept AVStoDVD's suggestion to delay audio by -238 ms, but still previews and converts out of sync. I can edit title and uncheck Auto AviSynth Script and change audio delay to 0 and it fixes the out of sync proble when previewed in AVStoDVD, but still is out of sync when converted to Muxed MP2.
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    Muxed mp2? Do you mean MPG ?
    Try this - use mkvtoolnix to create an MKV from your ts file and use that as input to AVStoDVD.
    If it is still out of sync post the AVStoDVD log
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  3. Thank you, I will try that. What is an MPG?
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  4. OK, using mkvtoolnix did the trick. Thank you for the tip. What I meant earlier was to use AVStoDVD to convert to a DVD compatible mpeg-2 file for authoring in another program. Sorry for the confusion.
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