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  1. I was looking for a tool like this for ages, it is Sonic Candle.
    I didn't want to buy After Effects or any other professional tool or plug-in just to make an animated spectrum bars, ffmpeg does something similar but is not my style.

    Sample video:

    It requires java but is a very handy and easy to use tool, you can set the size, the bar color, and background.
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  2. Aviutl is another free option . It has several options for waveform style and the type 5 waveform has the mirrored x-axis style in the screenshot . It's also a simple NLE / compositing tool
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  3. Somebody told me that Kinemaster does the same and a dozen other cool effects.
    I don't understand a word the guy is saying.

    A few years ago we need an external board like Creative DXR3 to play DVD's, now we can edit a 1080p video on our smart phone just like that. I'm getting to old for this "shirt".
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  4. I do not know Kinemaster, have you tried it?

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  5. Originally Posted by izel View Post
    I do not know Kinemaster, have you tried it?
    Yes, very neat tool! You can do amazing things with it, great effects!
    But it comes with a high price tag on it, the company knows EVERYTHING you do with it, you know that song "Every breath you take, Every move you make"?

    It stop working once you block the network access from it so no off-line work, not to say that it scan every single file on your phone and God knows what else it does and send it over to them.

    People don't care about this stuff anymore so, yeah, it's a great tool.
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    BluffTitler will too, IIRC.

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