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  1. hello,

    I converted some of my TV series DVD's to x264 and authored them as a BD with multiavchd. For the x264 commandline I followed this guide
    The BD ran fine in my old Sony BDP-S350 but didn't have any Sound in my more up to date Sony BDP-S3700B.

    Is it possible that lossless lpcm/wav sound isn't allowed in the 480i (NTSC)/480p (NTSC)/576i (PAL)/576p (PAL) specification for stand alone compatibility ?
    That wouldn't make much sense because it was even allowed on mpeg2 DVD's.

    Maybe someone know the answer.
    thanks regards
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    Current blu-ray specs support a plethora of LPCM audio ( The x264 command line you quoted is only for video. How did you get/encode your audio? If it played on the older Sony, it should have played just as well on the newer. Ideally, the type of audio stream is marked by specific addresses that the player will use for detection/selection and knowing what codec to decode it with. multiavchd may be mucking it up. Did you go inside the BD player audio set-up menu and deliberately select the audio stream there?
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  3. it's regular wav exported from Adobe Audition. 48000 Hz, 16 bit 2.0 Stereo. Not an unusual soundformat.

    I disabled all Audioconversions in Multiavchd so as far as the log goes the video and audio wasn't re-encoded. The newer player didn't recognise the audio.
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    Are you playing the blu-ray straight to your tv or through a hdmi receiver?
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  5. the player is connected with HDMI through a AV-Receiver which is connected with HDMI to the TV
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