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    Hey there, first post here. Thanks in advance for any insight!

    Here's the deal - I'm going to be starting a travel/ survival documentary type project pretty soon with a friend who has been on some tv shows - so we're trying to do it somewhat legit.

    It's going to be pretty much the most run and gun, down and dirty lightweight gorilla shooting I can manage since we'll be backpacking quite a bit. I'm relatively inexperienced as a videographer and come from a photography background. So I'm going to be learning alot....

    One thing I can't really get a good feel for is what Picture Profile I should shoot this whole project in - I've been told to shoot flat... but S-Log seems to like to much work for post and nailing exposure in uncontrolled situations.. I'm thinking that maybe just doing itu709 would be the best but then again Cine4 or 2 might be a good medium?

    If someone can help point me in the right direction that would be great. thanks!

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    depends on what style you are used to working with. with my canon 80d, 70d, 60d's i shoot everything using what's referred to as a custom profile called cinestyle. and i use the custum cinestyle LUT in vegas to adjust the color. there is also a technicolor cinestyle profile that's ok. you have to have both the custom camera profile and the LUT for your editing software to make it work.
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