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  1. When I click on an mp4 file in Explorer (Windows 7 Pro x64 right now), it shows encoding details like bitrate and resolution:

    [Attachment 48979 - Click to enlarge]

    When I do this with mkv, it just shows normal file details. If I customize the folder to be Videos, the columns don't show video details, and right-clicking the columns to add more columns either don't have the necessary columns or show no info for them when added.

    I tried looking for a program that will either make Windows Explorer recognize mkv files as video files and scan the details and show them, or have a right-click context menu item to do this (or run a program to do this)... so far I'm not finding much that isn't overkill or paid or full of malware.
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  2. You need a Shell Extension that supports MKV. Try Icaros.
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    You need MediaInfo which reads most formats including MKV.
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