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  1. I sometimes need video help and my registration has my old email (which became overloaded with spam and registrations from people thinking it was their email) and username which is a bit too personally-identifying for my taste over the years (I've been harassed/doxed/spammed/stalked), and I can see how to change my email but not my username which became kind of a universal one across sites that I want to be unique now.

    If I try to register my current email here, it says I'm a spammer :/ I noticed this on another site Doom9 while trying to register for the first time there (saying my IP was on a blacklist of spammers even though I'm on Comcast which just randomly gives me whatever IP it feels like every few months because it's not static).

    I tried to look for sites that could tell me if I actually was on a spamming blacklist but they either tell me to use an v4 IP (even though mine is currently v6) or can't find it there.

    Can somebody help me out? I think I also became blocked on another forum I used to visit, I think on videolan but with a unique username that I created after the one here.
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    There is no way, AFAIK, for you to actually change your username yourself.

    You would have to contact the forum administrator - see 'Contact us' link at the bottom of this screen - and explain the situation.

    But the usual way is to open a new ID with new username and email. Again, if there IP issues as to why you can not do this then the administrator is the person to ask.

    And if you really are a spammer then you will not last long here.
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