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  1. Hi everyone. a newbie here. i dont know if its the right place to ask this question but i need some guidance on this.
    i am watching some videos on a website which has english subtitles. when i try to download the video the subtitles dont download with it.the subtitles are kind of an overlay on the video.
    i have no knowledge about how subtitles are put on the videos but i really need those subtitles coz i i paid heavy to get those videos and they are not showing when i try to play them on my smart tv or if i screenmirror my ipad. only option is that i use my laptop everytime to watch them.

    i want to download them so that i can see them anywhere and dont have to carry my laptop around and maybe have them on a storage device. why i really need those subtitles because the language of the video is alien to me.

    i purchased video download helper to download videos but the subtitles are just not downloading.

    can anyone please help what can i do to have that video and subtitles too?

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  2. I don't know anything about ipads but smart TVs are generally particular about subtitles. For a container such as MKV or MP4 the subtitles would possibly have to be a separate file, and not inside the MP4 or MKV container, and they'd have to be a supported format. You'd have to read the manual for specific requirements.

    For MKVs you can extract the subtitles with something like gMKVExtractGUI. I assume the files contain a subtitle stream given you can see them when the video is played on a laptop, but if you referring to playing the original video rather than the downloaded version, then maybe the subtitles weren't downloaded by video download helper.

    It might pay to upload a sample.
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