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  1. This industry never ceases to amaze me when it throws out trashier and trashier products as time goes on, forward into the past.

    My Sansa Fuze player which I bought a decade ago kicked ass, the only shortcoming being that it could only play MP3s and nothing else. But last month it degraded to a point where supergluing it back together for the 20th time would no longer be an option.

    I need a player like the Sansa Fuze which is
    -Supports MP3 and MP4
    -Uses flash, not spinning disk
    -Has a functional scrollwheel
    -Allows me to skip, change song, pause, adjust volume without me needing to take it out of my pocket

    So far, I tried the iPod classic and Nano. Both sucked.

    The iPod classic was bulky, the audio port on the TOP of the device, used an HDD which made it hang and lag frequently and the scrollwheel was really a touchwheel which made it less than functional and annoying when trying to browse to a specific song.
    I really hated having to use iTunes to sync my songs rather than a simple copy, paste to drive G, DONE. But I've acclimated to iTunes and at least know what I'm doing now. So if I have to use a third party program to manage my music, whatever.

    The iPod Nano was compact and used flash which was good, but the controls were even less functional. Pressing the middle button would often trigger the touchwheel so it would scroll several songs over the intended one and play. I have to take to using my pinky or fingernail to press the middle button without running into this annoying problem.
    Most annoying of all is that the SMALLER screen displays not just the song name when browsing but the artist and album as well so I can only see 4 songs at a time. All this mitigates the initial improvements and I'm ready to trash this one right here and now.

    I looked at the Sansa Fuze's successor called the Fuze+ and I'm baffled at what the suicidal morons came up with. They remove the perfectly functional scrollwheel and replace it with some sensor (which hardly works) where you have to swipe with your finger to browse your songs one by one... way to ******* go SanDisk.

    So I come to you guys seeking your wisdom. What's a music player that doesn't suck capital ass?
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    sorry but to me the days of dedicated mp3 players has died. now i use my android phone and bluetooth - car, headphones and speakers. on my phone i use phonograph as the software player. i'd never go back to a "mp3" player, with a phone my playlist continues with whatever i connect to next.
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