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  1. I realize that for many, NVEnc doesn't really perform for those that want perfect 1:1 transcodes for their Robotic Eyeballs.

    In terms of filling my Media Server with TV Episodes for the family though, I have happily used Maxwell, as the results are rarely auditioned on a 4K 70".
    As your satisfaction in the end result(s) may vary, I am more than satisfied, considering the speed at which I can fill a request.

    With THAT said, as Turing now supports B Frames, has anyone tested and found more favorable results for 1080p content ?

    I mean, if I want the best of the best, I can play the source BluRay, but for the ability to keep an on demand library via remote control, I am wondering if Turing can suffice and meet most people's standards ?
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  2. Increase bitrate...
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  3. Originally Posted by Allan74 View Post
    With THAT said, as Turing now supports B Frames, has anyone tested and found more favorable results for 1080p content ?
    Did you mean for HEVC ? Because AVC had B-frames before on older cards

    People have reported increases in quality - psnr, ssim, vmaf, and subjectively.

    But slower HQ encoding modes now on turing than pascal (~1/4 speed, still much faster encoding than software x265)

    You can check this thread from about page 5 on for test results

    And a bunch of video game sites report the same thing for video game sources . Significant improvements in Turing for both h264 and hevc encoding.

    But I have not seen full , verifiable tests with posted sources/encodes, commandlines, settings . (For all we know, the posters could be working for nvidia marketing team)

    But when all the tests say the same thing, or move in the same direction - it's probably true there are improvements . And it only makes sense to have some improvements, not regressions
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  4. Yes, I should have been more specific. B frames for HEVC.

    I have been making the move to HEVC exclusively for my Home Media Server because I have abandoned 720p+ as my base resolution for 1080p+ and with storage and management of that storage being a concern, and short of building a new monster-core'd HEDT, I figure I would just get a Turing based card and put it to work.

    I just can't justify building a Threadripper box to facilitate media conversion, so a 1660 or better card seems more likely to fit the bill (as the 1650 uses the old Volta encoder).
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