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    I have a TBS 5880 USB DVB-T device that I use to recording my TV channels.

    At first I did use ARGUS TV but is have not been update for sometime now and also that I have a card to descrambler some of my channel and sometime it did not help (TBS MCE CI Tool have problem and need to restart)

    I then try with the Tvheadend and at first it does work nice but the drivers that TBS have for Linux is very old and I need to run on a old kernel and today I did try to install on a computer and not even a old kernel works anymore.

    So I was thinking go back to windows again and install a software that just going to recording so I wonder if anyone know any good software. I don't care if it cost (but I do not want to pay to much) but it have to work

    That I looking for is a software that have
    *Recording show after word, example "QI" it recording every episode of QI on every channel I have.
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    NextPVR supports using an EPG to schedule recordings and it has a Keyword recording feature that looks at all channels. Although NextPVR supports DVB TV tuner cards in general, I don't know if it supports your particular device with or without conditional access.
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  3. Dvbviewer Pro it's always been the best software for DvB. You can control it with your smartphone (with DvbVController), watch streams on smartphone ,etc...

    You have to check if your device is supported before doing anything see here
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  4. SichboPVR can do everything you want and supports TBS 5880.
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