Hi guys, I've been searching online and couldn't find the right answer for my needs. I have a bunch of Hi8 videos that I want to capture and edit on Premiere 6. I bought a Sony CCD TR-3000 yesterday for cheap but in good working condition. However, I'm hesitant to just grab the cheapie USB capture devices, I read somewhere (not sure if it's true) that these small devices already compress the data internally, and I would like to get the best possible quality. I realize the ADVC 100/110 are pretty popular but can be pretty expensive on the used marketplace. Is there an alternative capture device with the same caliber in performance out there? I would prefer to spend the same price point on a brand new device, not a used one if that makes sense.

I have a Macpro 5,1 that I'm also gonna be upgrading in a few months, so I'm also open to getting a PCI card if it makes more sense. Would appreciate any advice, tnx!