Another user of these forums and I have a question about digitized video from VHS (PAL and NTSC), captured with a Canopus device in DV. It refers to the typical noisy overscan lines in the bottom (3 or 4). How can these lines be blackened, padded, without reencoding the file format, that is, just by text-editing the video header? We both use Macs.

I have used Atom Inspector to do some things, with some success. Atom Inspector does not take DV-wrapped files, so first I have to re-wrap the .DV file as .MOV without reencoding. Perhaps this padding can be done in the Clap settings? The point, again, is to leave the full range of horizontal lines (480 in NTSC, 576 in PAL), but to define the last 4 or so as black or padded.

And then, would this setting carry on to apps to convert the DV-format file, such as Avidemux?

Thank you!