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  1. We had an equipment failure and I used recover_mp4 to extract video / audio from whatever was in SD card. Video turned out to be 18:20 and audio 16:03, I was too naive to presume audio is missing the beginning or end. Turns out they are not in the same speed, and video is slower than audio.

    The clip contain 2.5 songs, I barely matched up the beginning and end of one song by speeding the video up to 1.08x but the rest still do not match. I became suspicious that the speed change is not even linear.

    Sending an email to the developer of recover_mp4 for ideas. Any recommendations on fixing "out of sync" problems? Thank you very much!
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    Detective work. Look at the details of the file in mediainfo and compare the video framerate and audio sample rate with a known good file
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  3. Thank you! It came out to be trial and error, indeed.

    Sped up video to 1.090x, and discovered (too late) there is a redundant, non-moving portion at the end of video, after trimming it off the length of them matched, and everything "kind of" synced to my red eyes.
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