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  1. I am watching a lot of videos on Viocemeeter Banana.

    And you can play Audio from say your Media Player in Windows and Talk into a Microphone and have them both Mix and Record them togather.

    But must I have Audio Cable as well as Viocemeeter Banana?
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    Depends on how you want your setup to be. But if you had need for audio cables before, you will probably still need them.
    Which audio cables are you referring to?

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  3. What I mean is this.

    I want to have my Audio that comes from my Windows Media Player to be Pickedup by Voicemeeter.

    And the Audio that comes from my USB Microphone to be Pickedup by the Voicemeeter.

    I can them Mix them both and have Audacity Record them.

    But when I Watch any Videos on Voicemeeter they say I need a Program called Audio Cable.

    Can I just use Voicemeeter and not Install Audio Cable to do what I want?
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