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    I have a spare computer here, i am going to get a HDMI capture card for that computer. The Operating System on this computer is Linux mint 19.1 Tessa Cinnamon. What I want to do is hook this to the box that provides my TV Service, and record some broadcasts, then put the video s on on of the several Hard Drives I have installed in the box, I would like to record at certain times and maybe multiple times a day.

    Are there any programs in thee Linux Mint world that could record thee incoming HDMI signal

    And if there are no programs in Linux Mint, what Operating System has the ability to do this, and do not any mention any Windows OS, as those OS are banned in this house.
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  2. I don't know the answer to your Mint question but you should be aware that most commercial HDMI sources will be protected by HDCP and you will not be able to record it without removing it.
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  3. OBS Studio should work for this, I know it works for any V4L2 compatible video device -- "V4L2" is your basic linux "pipe," google compatible devices and I think anything by Avermedia should work, USB or PCI-E. But this assumes a non-DRM HDMI stream, it really depends more on your cable company as to whether you can capture this or not, gotta check with them.
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