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  1. Every once in a while I download a video that plays just fine on the computer, but it cannot be converted properly. These are typically AVI or MP4, and I try to convert them because I need to add ASS subs and to view on the PS3. It's pretty rare, something like 1 out of +50 videos have index problems.
    The error message I get with a subtitle program is:
    "Index is missing in this AVI. Cannot process. You can use a program like avidemux to add an index with a simple load and save."

    I tried Avidemux but it does not have the index rebuilder in Tools menu. Also tried DivFix and VLC for AVI repair- they seem to work but then trying to convert the new videos won't work. No idea if Avirecomp works but the time for converting to a 1.4gb file was an hour and it's only for AVIs.
    Windows 7, MPC-BE
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  2. Just load the video in avidemux and save it again. It should rebuild the index or better compress at the same time in some profile your ps3 does prefer while encoding.
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  3. Still doesn't fix it. I saved the video in avidemux (with copy audio and video), then tried to convert the new file in another video converter, error.
    Windows 7, MPC-BE
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    For avi files try avimuxgui and set the avi limit to 2gb chunks. It also supports demuxing to raw streams then remixing. If you have megui it's already in its tools folder can be ran standalone. For mp4 try my mp4box GUI. Haven't played with it much but it does have MUX/demux facilities.
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    if all else fails read the manual
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  5. Can't run avimuxgui. Error dialogue says "avimuxgui has stopped working". Where is megui?
    Windows 7, MPC-BE
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