I had Windows 10 running on a Samsung SSD. I broke the drive (cable was stretched just enough to reach into motherboard port which damaged the pins on the drive), so I saved what I needed and bought a Samsung M.2 drive and reinstalled Windows 10 fresh. However, I forgot exactly all the software I used.

I know I had MKVToolnix of some sort, MP4 Splitter/Joiner, and others I forget exactly.

Anyway, I run more then enough specs to handle a simple task like splitting.. 32GB memory too.

When I open MP4 splitter and open a video it lags like crazy. I go to a section of video so I can add a split point and it takes 8 or 10 seconds maybe longer to update the little preview window. So what I did was open the video and find the spot I wanted to add split point and went back to MP4 splitter to type in the time manually. Press backspace over a number and it takes 3 or 4 seconds to erase, then 3 or 4 seconds to type a number. Most of the time it won't let me type 2 with the top row of keys, but 2 on the number pad work fine. My keyboard works 100% except in this software.

This happen to other people? I haven't tried joiner yet.