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  1. I have Audacity and the Blue Yeti USB Microphone.

    When I Select my Microphone and Record my Vioce for a PodCast I will be making it works good.

    But say I play some Music Live on windows say for my Intro Audacity wont pick it up.

    And I get this because Audacity is set to my Microphone.

    Does anyone know how to pick up 2. Audio Signals at the same time in Audacity?

    I have Win7. 64 Bit.
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    You need a "mixer" app/driver, sometimes called a virtual mixer or virtual I/O (input/output) matrix, etx.
    Often these need to use APIs that go beyond MS's limited stock performance capabilities (possibly ASIO, VST, etc).
    I see in a quick search that this: sounds like it performs ok in fulfilling those requirements.

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