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  1. Hello I am new to the forum My friend recorded an important event for me using Canon VIXIA HF G30, unfortunately with errors. (image attached)
    [Attachment 48771 - Click to enlarge]

    3263.mp4 only has 10mb and less than 3 seconds of playable footage
    3264.dat has 2.1G
    Both files were supposed to be close to 4GB.

    My friend suggested putting the SD card (unmodified) back into the camcorder to see if there is remedy. (how?)
    I've also heard about data recovery software such as EaseUs.

    I'm sincerely looking for tips and recommendations on retrieving (salvaging) the most out of this unfortunate incident... You help is greatly appreciated!

    (update: 3264.dat more or less saved with recover_mp4 tool + audacity for choppy audio)
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  2. This is from page 164 of the user manual and may be what your friend is suggesting. It would be a good first step.

    Memory card A/B writing error Attempt to recover the data? (Can take up to 3 min.)
    - This message will appear the next time you turn on the camcorder if power supply was accidentally interrupted while the camcorder was writing to the memory card. Select [Recover] to try to recover the recordings.

    If you inserted a memory card that contains scenes recorded using another device, we recommend that you select [No]

    Don't want to be gloomy, but working on the card with external tools before trying Canon's tools makes it more difficult.
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  3. Originally Posted by smrpix View Post
    Don't want to be gloomy, but working on the card with external tools before trying Canon's tools makes it more difficult.
    Thank you very much! I haven't modified the card since (other than copying files a few times).

    Is it a good idea to make a copy using "USB Image Tool" or similar then try data recovery? My friend has access to camcorder only a week later.
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  4. Sure. Copying the card should pose no problem as long as it's non-destructive. I'm not familiar with that particular software.
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  5. My concern is, solution in the manual addresses error caused by power interruption. In my case, it just gave me 2 bad files and went on to record 2 good ones immediately after. Hope to see if putting the SD card back into Canon will trigger any recovery attempt.
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    Copy using ISO/Image-type tools, so you get the whole sector layout & filesystem extant. Those are also much less likely to modify any file attributes, etc. It should go without saying, but I must say it regardless, the target should be on a completely different drive.

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  7. I used USB image tool to make a duplicate card.
    No success on recovery using Recuva (could only see older files).
    EaseUS free refused to work with video files over 2GB.

    Still wait & see with Canon utility.
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