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  1. Hi,

    I have this file structure of my Blu-ray which I would like to encode using Handbrake.

    | index.bdmv
    | MovieObject.bdmv
    | | index.bdmv
    | | MovieObject.bdmv
    | |
    | +---CLIPINF
    | | 00000.clpi
    | |
    | \---PLAYLIST
    | 00000.mpls
    | 00000.clpi
    | 00000.mka
    | 00000.mpls

    If I drag BDMV folder onto HB, it says "No valid source or title found" so If I drag the "STREAM" folder OR "00000.m2ts" then Handbrake (HB) shows the length of the video as 2:37:10 (incorrect)

    IF I play the m2ts file using VLC it shows the duration as 2:39:01 (which is correct). So I generated MKV using mkvtoolnix which shows 2:39:01 (correct). Then why does HB miss out some duration? I want to source Bluray folder to HB rather than the MKV. Please advise how to source BD source to HB and yet get full 2:39:01?

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    Something peculiar that the timing of m2ts is not always determined correctly (I've seen it before also)
    Just use the MKV - no degredation of the file with mkvtoolnix
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