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  1. I am backing up a DVD box set that has two exactly the same video episodes with one having the regular audio track and the other video episode has the audio commentary track. I am using MakeMKV to extract from the discs. I use Vidcoder for shrinking but I don't understand how I can extract and add the audio commentary from the other video track and combine it all together. I can drop the files into VideoReDo and extract the commentary audio and I suppose I can combine it all that way but I tend to loose chapter markers and subtitles when I use VideoReDo even though I am just typically not re-encoding. Thank you for any information you can give me on this issue.
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  2. Maybe I will just encode both videos and just label one as commentary and put it in a folder and that way I can just get all this backed up and over with. I am going to keep the original DVD Box Set in storage anyway just in case. There is a couple mb's difference in file size so maybe combining it all as one file won't work as well as I would hope. I can't see why they divided it up in such a way to begin with.
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