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  1. I'm trying to cut out a simple video clip lasting a few minutes.

    When I copy a .ts file into Avidemux and press play, I get video, but no audio.

    When I copy an .mp4 file into Lossless Cut and press play, I get video, but no audio.

    This happens whether the video file length is 5 minutes or 3 hours - file size seems to be irrelevant.

    Playing the same files in VLC Player or any other video player, I get video and sound.

    If I use either Avidemux or Lossless Cut to cut out and save a clip, the clip itself has both video and audio, but I have to guess where to set the markers by reading lips on the video. I've had IT check Windows 10, device manager and the drivers or anything else in the OS and everything checks out fine with the OS. Does anyone have any idea why I can't get audio when i play .ts or .mp4 files in these video editors??
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    In Avidemux edit/preferences/audio
    check downmix and device
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  3. Dave,

    Thank you so much! Changing device from 'Dummy' to 'Win32' in Avidemux fixed the problem right away. Much appreciated.

    Anyone else know of a similar fix for LosslessCut?
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