Once we had ChapterGrabber, where you loaded your chapters, hit "reset chapter names" and all the chapters would be renamed "Chapter 1", "Chapter 2" to "Chapter n". I have a bunch (a pretty big one) of chapters where the name is the time, god knows what program did extract the chapters like that.

Thing is, ChapterGrabber is no longer maintained and it doesn't work with the newer MKV chapter format it seems (opening an XML throws a "format not yet supported"). It still works with BDs, as those never change ofc.

Any alternatives? We could "brute force" it, mass searching and replacing XML files. I'd have to search for "<ChapterString>nn:nn:nn.nnn</ChapterString>" with "n" being any number and replacing it with "<ChapterString>Chapter n</ChapterString>", "n" there being from 1 to whatever. I know something called regular expressions exists to do the searching, but can you put it to count from 1 for the replacing? Some kind of complex cmd batch maybe?