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  1. I'm trying to backup my old Metalocalypse DVDs (Season 1 right now), and since I'm not finding how to get the episode/special feature names from the video titles, I'm getting them from the DVD menus themselves or from an internet search; however, there seems to be varying information on what the title names should actually be, and I'm not seeing how to the TITLE # special feature videos should be named...

    For instance, on the DVD itself, the non-episode videos may be hidden in little secret hover-click areas, and they just play without a title on them; the best I can find is here - - which names the special videos, but I don't know where they got that info from nor how to identify them without watching all through (and I didn't even realize most of them were there until now).

    So, 3 questions:

    1. Are the DVD menu names more accurate than the Wikipedia or cited sources names (like that fandom site or IMDB which has both titles as AKA)?
    2. Where did IMDB and fandom get their alternate title names?
    3. Is there any way to have DVD ripping software automatically fetch the correct/proper titles for ripping?
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    use dvdfab to copy the discs to your computer
    from there you can copy the titles you are looking for.
    and the little secret hover click areas are known as "Easter Eggs"
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