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  1. Hello

    I have been trying to get PotPlayer to open and play an rtsp-multicast stream via a cmd prompt, but have had no luck. I know how to do this with VLC where I can get it to open and display/playback the routed stream [using the command "vlc --rtsp-mcast rtsp://192.168.xx.xxxxx/ch0"]. When I check the Wireshark trace from said target PC I can see it is indeed a multicast stream.

    When I open a command prompt in the PotPlayer directory and issue the command "PotPlayerMini64.exe --rtsp-mcast rtsp://192.168.xx.xxxxx/ch0", all it does is open the player, the stream never plays for me.

    Do I open the command prompt in said directory? Do I have to set it up thru environmental settings? Can someone provide the correct cmd line instructions for this to work?


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  2. Ok

    So I watched the video, but that appears to show you how to use VLC as the source/host as well as [in this case] the destination/target for said "rtsp" stream. In my case VLC will never be the source.

    My setup has multiple rtsp/unicast streaming devices which can be configured to use any of the various Multicast addresses available within a range [that I set up ahead of time] which are then routed to decoder devices over the network within the same subnet, which automatically set themselves to receive the stream as a multicast one [versus the unicast flavor].

    What I was asking was whether there was a cmd line "argument" to route the stream to PotPlayer the same way I can with VLC [see my attachment example].
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