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  1. Hi,
    I have around 100 Mini DVs, which I have to transfer to DVD

    Now I'm searching an easy way to process the captured DV files to authored DVDs (in fully automatic toolchain).

    My dream:
    I select a DV file (or more) and enter a title, pressing "Go", waiting some time.... and get at the end a DVD like this:
    - a Menu which includes the given title
    - a authored DVD with maximum possible Bitrate (for a 4,7GB DVD)
    - very high quality video
    - NO chapters needed
    - DON'T need burning. a VIDEO_TS folder is fine

    1. anyone knows a good way to set up a toolchain like this (windows or linux). Or is there maybe already a out-of-the-box solution avialable?
    2. ffmpg can be used as command line. Is the ffmpg mpeg2 encoder quality any good? For example comparable with Mainconcept or CCE ?
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  2. Originally Posted by wandmaler View Post
    1. anyone knows a good way to set up a toolchain like this (windows or linux).
    AvsToDVD will do all that.

    2. The HC-Enc you can use is as good as any MPEG-2 encoder out there.
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  3. DVavi can do that, drop your DV.avi onto makeDVD.BAT and it will create VIDEO_TS,

    change defaults in settings.BAT,

    read that "read first.txt" file, that VIDEO_TS should be in temp folder if you do not want to burn it, not sure exactly
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  4. AWESOME!!!! DVavi helper is really great
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