So, I got a real annoying issue here. Every time a new file is played, it captures window focus. I tried the "Don't get focus when started with a file" setting, but for a split second it still captures focus. Lately I have been playing an audiobook while working with notepad. The result is, every time a chapter ends and the next mp3 file is played, if I am typing, Potplayer captures whatever I was typing, sometimes with no warning at all! It can have unknown effects, forcing me to consider what I was typing and reverse it, or kill Potplayer and re-open it, and find my place again, preventing settings being saved. I can't just change programs, Daum Potplayer is otherwise too excellent in every way, other programs like VLC can't compare, but I can't keep going on like this, the last time I tried loading a video, the image was backwards, and everything was black and white, among other things. Sometimes my entire setting file can even be reset to default!