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  1. Dear all, I am looking for a software through whcih i can insert audio translation of the video after every 30 seconds. ie first 30 seconds the video will play in english and then the with voice the translation portion of the english portion should come and then again english portion and then the translated portion, in this way till the end of the video.
    Can some suggest me the best software for doing this.
    We have around 50+ videos for this purpose.
    Can some one kindly suggest me a suitable software for this purpose.

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    Suitable is any NLE software.

    If you are trying to automate this, stop trying, as translation is NEVER that easy.

    First, maybe you don't realize this, but different languages have differing economies of speed. English is, due to it's hybrid, modern, evolving (muttlike) nature is one of the most compact of languages. So what takes 30 seconds to say in English could take 25, or more likely 35, 45, 55, 65 seconds to say in another language. E.g. Spanish is ~5-7% longer, French is ~10-15% longer (all rough estimates depending on what is said). Hawaiian is probably 75% longer, if "humuhumu nukunuku apua'a", the name of the "Reef Triggerfish" is anything to go by.

    Also, why would you make a customer wait through 30+ seconds until they can get to the next understandable section? Is there pertinent action going on in those alternate segments that they are missing accompanying narration to? Or are you just duplicating the action, which will get REAL redundant?

    Why are you trying to (inefficiently) reinvent the wheel? Why not just do separate choosable streams, or even do the old vcd method of Lchannel language A Rchannel language B? Both of those methods have built in hardware support.

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  3. I am not aware of these facts. Appreciate your Response and time for giving a detailed reply.
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  4. Cornucopia, as usual, nailed it (got it all right). One thing to add: you don't want to do translations serially but instead should consider creating a video with multiple audio tracks. That's how movies are done. Many video formats support multiple audio channels.
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