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    Originally Posted by DB83 View Post
    Been a while since I used ifoedit. But surely this works by reading the ifo from a ripped dvd. The OP just mentions 'vob' although he later, confusingly, writes about 'folders'.

    But if he does have full dvd folders he will surely have to go down this route since I would have thought that randomly editing individual vobs in a folder will result in non-working files that rely on the original ifos.
    IfoEdit worked on a stand-alone VOB when I tried it, but my test VOB had no subtitles.

    In some cases, VOBs can be successfully played as stand-alone files although that is not best practice. However, I forgot that there will be a problem viewing subtitles because the CLUT (color look-up table) is stored in IFO files. Without a CLUT to supply and map the colors to be used, sub-picture subtitles will be solid green, at least that has been my experience.
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    In fact the folders I was talking are only folders to group all stand-alone VOB relatives to a saison or a serie. Nothing to do with an IFO folder that we have when ripping any DVDs. I just created folders to group all episodes of a serie, so one VOB is one episode.
    Once the DVD ripped with DVDdecrypter as IFO (before ripping, I take off every languages and subtitles I don't need), I have an incoming folder, then I only keep the VOB files I need, erase the IFO, etc.. and joint the VOBs with a Windows commande line.
    But if I understood well, there is no programm who can remux the files and keep the subtitles. No matter which programm I use, it will always something wrong, especially concerning subtitles, so this operation is still impossible to do, correct?
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