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  1. I am trying to capture video out of a Sony GV-D800 player.
    Some cassettes cause the player to hiccup - looks like it is powering down and up for a split second, and it does it multiple times without being able to play the hi8 cassette.
    Any idea to what can be going wrong? It does not do it for all cassettes which is why it is strange...
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    First I would rewind/wind the problem tape to equalize the tension on the tape. Then see if it will play.

    Have you physically inspected the tape edges for fraying? And looked for tape flaking?
    None of those are very likely to stall the tape, though. But you might discover some tape damage.

    Or something in your tape transport is slipping. That could happen with more friction from damaged tapes.

    But other members may have some better suggestions.

    And welcome to our forums.
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