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  1. Hi, but I'm a *A*. yes a C*T

    please do you know if exist a build of x264VFW or another VFW H264 encoder that do deinterlace during encoding? thank u
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    x264 won't deinterlace
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  3. why?
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  4. Because it's an encoder and not a deinterlacer. Also, it's a dog.
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  5. Originally Posted by marcorocchini View Post
    ?? This is codec (encoder) not video processor... if x264VFW will somehow support simple de-interlacing your next question will be "why it doesn't support something more fancy?" encode your source as interlaced if it is interlace video, if not then de-interlace it first.
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  6. In theory you could use the resize filter as a crude deinterlacer (blend or discard field).
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