MSU received many requests on the results of announced AV1 participation in comparison.
Now the final part (High Quality use case) of 2018 comparison report is released

AV1 is quickly being developed, but still too slow to participate in our usual fast-universal-ripping use cases.
This is why AV1 was included only in this special report (so as in 2017).
This part of the comparison usually releases later because of much lower encoding speed than in other use cases (formal limit was 0.005 fps but actually unlimited).

According to only quality scores, the places of the competitors are the following:
  1. AV1
  2. VP9, x265 and sz265
  3. sz264 and x264
On the speed-quality chart there are four Pareto-optimal participants: AV1, VP9, x264, and SIF Encoder:

[Attachment 48647 - Click to enlarge]

Download free PDF report:

You can compare the latest results to the results from out similar comparison in 2017
(Important note: in 2017 we used VBR mode for AV1 encoder, and in 2018 constant QP was used, as VBR was several times slower).

We have already been working on 2019 video codecs comparison and some new formats:
  • Cloud solutions (spring-summer 2019)
    Comparison of cloud encoding services
  • Global codecs trends (summer 2019)
    Re-comparison of previously participated codecs versions on one platform and set of video sequences
  • FullHD 2019 (summer 2019)
  • Subjective 2019 (summer 2019)
  • 4K 2019 (autumn 2019)
  • Ultra quality 2019 (autumn-winter 2019)

Stay tuned!
Dr. Dmitriy Kulikov,
Moscow State University (MSU)
Graphics&Media Lab
Videocodec Testing Team